Wait it's 2018 already?!

January 25, 2018 

Whew how time flies! It's been over a year since our last post and a lot has happened since then! We've finally moved the business out of our house and found a much larger one room office suite. At least it seemed larger at the time compared to when we worked out of our living room at home.

The suite was actually part of a 2 room suite, we took half and passed on the other room. It's located on the 2nd floor of a shared Commercial building on Post Road in Fairfield, CT. Our neighbors on the 2nd floor are made up of various therapists, designers and I believe a garage door installation company. Todd Tuozzoli a therapist moved in a month right after we did into the adjacent empty suite we passed on. He's a real cool down to earth guy.

The above picture is the office suite obviously full. This was back in late July 2017 It took us a weekend to move everything and about a week to set up.

I saw some pics online on Pinterest of things built out of 2x4's so I actually built another desk out of 2x4's. After all lumber, screws, drill bits and sandpaper it cost less than $50.00 to make.

I purchased a couple more racks at Costco,  put together a large 4x8' work table w/"Rhino Mat" which is a great product and a few other small purchases here and there to make it comfortable.

Then it got real busy...Class of shirts was hugely popular! Here's some pics of some of our happy customers kids.

Eventually sometime in October after only 2 months we started to think that the "large" office suite wasn't big enough anymore because we were getting even busier and work started piling up. Our normal 3-5 day turnaround time became 5-7 business days...then eventually it became 7-10 business days! We couldn't keep up and we needed help! We started to regret passing on the 2nd room of the suite, but it was alright Todd's a cool guy and I'm glad he got the space. But there was a point last year where I was really worried.

Then out of the blue without even asking our landlord, Abe randomly stopped by to speak with us about a larger space being available downstairs if we were interested. WOW It was fortuitous how things turned out. 

So the first week of November 2017 we moved downstairs into a much larger space with an actual street level storefront. Our shop has been a work in progress for the past 3 months. Here's some pics of our space now.

Our main work area

The mannequins found a new home by our front door...

We picked up another Geo Knight heat press with stand...

The small office in the back we set-up with our Roland vinyl printer that we also picked up last year.

We hired two employees a very happy Ryan full-time (see below selfie) and Andrew part-time (not pictured). Dave's in the background (he's camera shy).

Finally our shop sign lit up at night over our front window!

This was our last big purchase made last year and it was actually installed  by Superior Signs from Monroe, CT on December 22nd just a few days before Christmas.

2017 turned into a very memorable year and I want to take this moment to thank all of our family, friends and of course all our great customers for making it great year! Thanks everyone and thanks for reading!


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Summer/Fall 2016 - Class of 2029!

October 29, 2016

Our end of Summer into Fall 2016 sales started off with a huge bang. The "Class of..." T-shirt was so popular! For nearly a month straight not a day went by where I wasn't pressing at least one Class of 2029 or 2030 T-shirt. Here's a few pictures that our customers and fellow parents shared with us. They're all great pictures of the kids wearing the "Class of..." shirts we made.

So Awesome!!


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Behind the scenes production

June 7, 2016

We've been pressing many customized shirts and posted up pictures for viewing. Here's a look at some of the shirts we've recently done including a little bit of our process leading to them being finished.

Fairfield Dojo

The order was for 29 ladies tank tops, which the customer supplied. Here's our production table and some of the ladies tank tops. There's actually a shirt being pressed in the picture.

Here's some of the vinyl after it was cut and mostly weeded waiting to be pressed.

To ensure that our products are of the best quality, we carefully align and measure each shirt. I personally like to stay within a 1/16th of an inch spacing difference from each side of any given shirt. I sometimes take measurements and adjust as many as 5 to 6 times just because I'm a perfectionist and genuinely care about each finished product.

Freshly-pressed shirt.

A vertical shot of the finished shirt.


Raulindo Auto Body Inc.

This custom order was for 30 double-sided navy short sleeve t-shirts. Weeding the front vinyl took some time as it was an immensely detailed graphic with text.

A close-up of the front vinyl weeded.

Again, we strive to ensure that every shirt we press is straightened, carefully aligned, and most importantly looks great. In the below picture, you'll notice that we took measurements from the top to the bottom and from the sides.


The back of the t-shirt pressed and finished.

Some other custom order shirts we pressed:

The Memphis Mortician band shirts - They're based out of NYC and have a very unique trashy garage rockabilly sound to them. They needed some shirts to sell to their fans and ordered a mix of short sleeve t-shirts and zipper hoodies.

FANCI at the Ansonia Nature Center ordered 14 zipper hoodies for their members. The two pictures below show the front and back of their zipper hoodie.

Custom order of five t-shirts for a customer's family. Two of the shirts were for the family's grandparents. The grandparents have been married for 39 years and have 15 grand children!  The pink UPC design t-shirt was customized specifically for the grandmother.

'Dad' t-shirt for the customer's brother.

All shirts tagged, bagged and ready for the customer!

Custom birthday shirt for my daughter's preschool classmate and friend, Linnea. Her birthday theme is ponies and horses. Happy 5th Birthday Linnea!

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Pictures that our Happy Customers Shared with us


A group of awesome mothers at the 2016 Warrior Dash New England wearing their special custom order "Moms With MUSCLES" tank tops. You Ladies ROCK!


Lauren's Family at Disney World happily wearing their Disney themed T-shirts that they special ordered from us and taking a moment to get a family picture with Minnie. So cute!


The Ansonia Nature Center ordered some custom forest green zipper sweatshirts for the Nature Centers staff. Here's a group shot of the staff after they received their sweatshirts. Just below the group shot is Alison with an owl and Dan on Connecticut's WTNH News 8 talking about the Nature Center. 

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Family pictures of the Guzman's


The Guzman's ordered a family set of shirts from us earlier last month. It turns out it was for their youngest son's birthday party and they were kind enough to share some photo's with us of the family decked out in the cool black T-shirts. 

Happy Birthday Little Dude!

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Recent order of some really BRIGHT neon T-shirts

Nov. 27, 2015

Rich of Mr. Shades Mobile Auto Glass contacted us about needing some T-shirts made for his company. After some back and forth regarding pricing, shirt colors and quantity, he sent us a couple sample pictures of his business card and some older shirts he had previously made with another T-shirt company to give us an idea of what he was looking for.

His business card.

His beat up old T-shirt.

He wanted the superhero removed and replaced with his new Mr. Shades logo. So I cleanly recreated his Mr. Shades logo, added all his company info by matching and using the same fonts shown on his T-shirts. After I finished making his graphics for both the front and back, I sent him some digital proofs like the one below.

After a couple revisions, he finally ok'ed the proofs and we moved forward with his order. We cut, weeded and set everything up for pressing. Here's a shirt ready to be pressed


The back of a freshly pressed T-shirt 

The front tagged, ready to be folded and bagged.

Neatly packaged.

Here's the shirts tagged, folded, packed and ready to ship.

After everything is said and done, we finally get to see Rich wearing his new shirt!  Lookin' good Rich!



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Custom Order of Sweatshirts for a Family of Eight

11/06/2015 - sometime in the evening

Well we've been up and running for just over a month and we're starting to see orders trickle in. So far our largest order is for a family of eight (8). The family requested 8 red pullover sweatshirts with custom printing on the front and back. After some back and forth the family decided they wanted nicknames on the front of each sweatshirt and the name and numbers on the backs. In showing how we accomplished this task, here is an example of our production process with the following pictures.

In the below pic, we're weeding and prepping some of our cuts for pressing:

Laying out the cut for pressing:

Pressing the sweatshirt: 

After almost a good day's worth of proofing, cutting, weeding and pressing, we're finally done with all of the sweatshirts. Here's a pic of all of the sweatshirts folded and ready for packing.


Two days later, we met up with the family who purchased the sweatshirts to deliver them. We were given the opportunity to take pictures of everyone at a park wearing the sweatshirts that we just pressed. The only person we missed was Mama, as she was busy directing and running after everyone. Hehehe.

We all had a great time, even our kids joined in on the fun. Here's my daughter, Olivia with Jack-Jack after coming down the slide.

Papa with his two oldest sons.

Shot of the kids sitting on a spinning playground ride.


"#5 IS DOWN!!! I REPEAT #5 IS DOWN!!!" This picture still gives everyone a good chuckle!

Here's a great pic of all the kids excited with their new sweatshirts.

These pictures represent exactly why we enjoy doing what we do. Creating original custom clothing for families to wear while they enjoy memorable family moments. Whether it's a family get together for Christmas, or a small walk to play at the park or a BIG planned trip to Disney World we like to think we helped play a small part of that experience.




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